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Arte letti is synonymous with
Italian style.


Arte Letti : Production of designer wrought iron beds

Our company was founded back in 1949, thanks to the idea of its founder Biagio Fascetti, a man well known for his inventions and numerous mechanical creations; his skill was such that he was able to create ingenious machines from nothing, with the little material available at the time, which were an excellent aid in the processing of materials such as glass and leather, applicable to various craft sectors.

The company has grown over the years, passing the baton to his sons, who have taken the path started by their father, adding to the production of such machinery, the specialisation in the artistic working of wrought iron and aluminium frames.

Today, the Fascetti Company has been renewed by the son of one of the brothers, who, continuing on the family path, has brought innovation and the avant-garde to the working of iron and window frames, without losing sight of the preciousness of the artisan method.

The company specialises in the manufacture of artistic handmade beds, with a wide range of products, as well as gates, anti-intrusion grilles and railings, customised and made-to-measure furniture, ornamental doors, staircases, tables, street lamps and a wide variety of aluminium frames (doors, windows, shutters, mosquito nets).

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